“There was a party in my mouth!”
~ Lori, The Millennium Centre, Johnson City, Tennessee
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A Labor of Love

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate

The Chocolate Elegance company was born when chocolatiers Jan and Bob Scibor turned a hobby into a passion to create artisanal chocolates using only the finest ingredients. Jan was first introduced to the art of chocolate making more than 30 years ago. She learned the basic chocolate making techniques and continued to expand her knowledge. Over the years, Jan and Bob created new candy recipes and techniques that have earned the respect and admiration of Chocolate Elegance customers all over the world.

Sadly, Jan passed away in 2015 and in 2016 Bob announced his retirement.
With a tradition of successful entrepreneurial endeavors in his background, B. Fred Ketron of Kingsport was excited to continue the business that Jan and Bob started and he moved the operation to Kingsport (Bloomingdale area) during the summer of 2016.
Because of some health issues, Fred stepped away and the 2018 Fall season brought new owners Paul & Sandy Vowell into the Chocolate Elegance family. We are grateful to Bob for sharing his knowledge, and to Terry and Donna for their generosity and loyalty to the business that Jan created.

Chocolate Elegance traditions carry on with the best chocolates, the best service, and the most beautiful packaging.
Jan's hand-picked staff is still producing the chocolates and putting together the beautiful packages. Our desire is to honor Jan's memory and continue her legacy of excellence under the guidance and tutelage of Bob Scibor.

Chocolate Elegance LLC moved its physical location to Kingsport during the summer of 2016.
The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and Quarantine was difficult for us, because Chocolate Elegance has always been an "event" business; as we all know, the events of 2020 were all cancelled. ALL of them! :/  But we continued to develop a few new products as we planned for an adjustment in our business model. Early 2021 as restrictions lift, we have events back on the calendar and are excited to work on a retail location as well.

We appreciate your patronage as we get settled into our new kitchen space and invite you to shop with us at the many events that we attend, as well as online.
You can contact us at 423-384-7285 and info@chocolate-elegance.com


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